Lighting is a design subject that connects aesthetics, creativity and technical issues. Since Boğaziçi Lighting adopted this principle, Boğaziçi Lighting gives importance not only to visual harmony but also to the physiological and psychological effects of light on human energy. While leading lighting designers,architects and engineers highlight the concept of venue required to reveal, the visual effects of the light which is accepted as the fourth dimension of architecture and issues such as energy saving and environmental protection are considered. Boğaziçi Lighting aims to produce  effective lighting solutions by combining lighting technology,design power and technology infrastructure which is used in project design phase and simulation applications. Boğaziçi Lighting believes that it's most important value is providing maximum benefit for customers while giving a different dimension to the lighting art. Therefore Boğaziçi Lighting continues to lead the industry by offering a free environment for employees to follow technology closely.

Bosphorus Lighting has been awarded with national and international quality certification for it's achievements in the industry.